Waste-less: Going out

Waste Less Going Out


While recycling and wasting less at home might seem difficult sometimes, wasting less when we go out can feel impossible! Trying to track down recycling bins on the go, remember what is and isn’t recyclable, and all of the other scraps of waste that we pick up on our journey.

This month we’re going to work on 4 ways to help cut down on the waste we bring consume in 4 areas of life.

We’re talking:

  • Going out to eat
  • Grocery shopping
  • Vacations
  • Whatever else you like to go do!



Going out to eat

If you were following last month, you saw that take out containers tend to fill up my trash bin pretty quickly. We like food, and my eyes are almost always bigger than my stomach. The bad part is that most restaurants in our area only have the dreaded styrofoam containers. Yuck.

So I scouted around for some way to fix this problem and stumbled on these collapsible storage bowls.

Waste Less Going Out

They fold up nicely and fit pretty easily in my diaper bag. They would even fit in most purses, so there’s no excuse! They’re dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. Take that styrofoam!

I could always learn how to order smaller portions, but I just love food too much. In the mean time, this works great.

Grocery Shopping

We all know we should use them. The real problem is remembering to put them back in your car, and then remembering to take them into the store. You know what I’m talking about: Reusable grocery bags.

This month, I’m going to make it a priority to remember. If I don’t, I’m going to challenge myself to carry everything. That’ll teach me for next time! Take whatever steps you need to in order to remember.

Maybe put a hook up by the door for them so you’ll see them on your way out, or tape up a sign that says “Don’t forget your reusable bags!”

They say it only takes 30 days to make a new habit, so I’m going to work on making a new habit of remembering our reusable bags. If you haven’t already bought any, there are so many different ones to choose from. Big bags, small bags, some even fold up into strawberries! So cute.

I think the most important part is to find one you actually like, so you’ll be more likely to remember to grab it on your way out the door.

You can even buy reusable bags to replace those flimsy plastic produce bags at the store.
Added bonus: Never again do you have to waste time trying to open those dang things! They are the worst.

Waste Less Going Out



This isn’t anything too mind blowing. I love traveling but it is not always easy to be sustainable while you’re doing so. Some parts of the other posts can always be converted to help you on your travels, but there is one vacation specific item I’d love to suggest.

If you’re one of those people who to use zip lock bags to keep things like shoes, dirty laundry and such separated, or if you just love to feel organized like me, I’d suggest you take a look at packing cubes.


Waste Less Going Out


I got a set of these for Christmas, and pretty easily fall into some of my favorite travel gear. I’m able to separate my son’s tiny clothes from mine so nothing gets lost, no more mismatched socks on vacation for me!

Running Errands

Finally, one of the most important but often overlooked aspects of going out, is the carbon footprint. If you’re anything like me, you plan for a big shopping trip, get home, and realize you forgot something vital for tomorrow’s dinner. Some weeks it feels like I have to go out every day to pick up some odd item, stop by the post office, go to a doctors appointment, etc.

This month, I am making a goal of cutting down my trips out to once a week (or twice, if appointments require it). I’ll save on gas, time, and hopefully headaches! If I find I’m missing something, I’ll just have to improvise.

Good luck! I’ll see you at the end of the month!


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Waste-less: Going out

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