Waste-less: Going Out Wrap Up

This month was tough.

Maybe because it relies on memory and I have “mom brain” or maybe because I have awful habits. But, let’s get into it.



Shopping Cart with Reusable Bags

By the time the 10th rolled around, I still hadn’t gotten those grocery bags in the car. I made several trips where I had to carry everything because no reusable bags = no bags.

My man thought I was nuts.

But he went along with the crazy, like he always does. Am I lucky or what?

Cutting down on errand trips was hard too. One of our weeks looked like this:

  • Monday: Grocery shopping
  • Tuesday: Renovation trip into Green Bay
  • Thursday: Appointment with seamstress AND appointment with officiant for wedding
  • Saturday: Birthday Party


No way I was getting away with 1-2 trips that week. We could totally do all of that in one go, but sadly my 1 year old just isn’t quite up for that. A few hours in and his crank factor kicks up to 11. The next week wasn’t much better either.

However, it did get me paying attention to what we were doing. It got me digging through my pantry going “Can I make a dinner with what I have?”

It had me running back last minute while still at the store to pick up the thing I missed, rather than going “Oh well, I’ll get it next time.”

Eating Out

Take out bowls
Excuse the bad photo I promise that food was delicious!

Luckily, those reusable leftover containers made the eating out part super easy and very convenient! We used them many times this month and they were a lifesaver (or earth saver?).

I could pull them out of the fridge, pop them in the microwave, eat out of them and then straight in the dishwasher. Having 3 of them was really convenient too, so I could use one, give one to my man, and still have a spare.

Seriously, if you eat out a lot and you want to make one change in your going out habit, buy those things.

Altogether this month was a success, if a smaller one than last month. Now, we’re on to next month and my favorite time of day when I was a kid: Mail Time!


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Waste-less: Going Out Wrap Up

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