Waste-less: Energy Savvy Vacationing Wrap Up



Well, we did it!

We made our home a little more energy savvy while we were gone and nothing bad happened. Yay!


Ok, so we weren’t able to follow all of those tips.



You know how you might have a perfect plan, but when the day finally comes everything falls apart? Yep That was us. We were running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to remember everything and unfortunately: these tips fell on the back burner.


BUT that teaches us an important lesson.


Don’t save it all until the day you leave!

Pack the fridge (and freezer) with water bottles, soda, etc. the night before you leave.

If you won’t be showering the next day, prep the water heater the day before!

If you save it until the last day you’re just not going to make it.


Luckily, the two things we were able to do was unplug a TON and turn down the temperature for the house.

We have a lot of our major electronics on power strips which makes unplugging things really easy! Flip a couple switches and it turns off almost every energy drainer in our home.

Unfortunately I also unplugged our Dish Hopper so we missed all our tv shows.


Lessons learned for next time right?


So, in summary:

  1. Make the energy saving things as easy to do as possible
  2. Don’t wait until the last day (or two) to get things started
  3. Do not unplug your hopper!!! (or tivo, or whatever it is you have for recording tv)


Now I need to figure out how to catch up on Master Chef Junior… any suggestions?




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Waste-less: Energy Savvy Vacationing Wrap Up

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