Staircase Renovation: Part 1

Staircase Renovation

The first stop on our renovation journey is the staircase.

If it were up to me, we probably still wouldn’t have even started yet because I just couldn’t decide. Who knew there were all sorts of things like structure and pipes to figure out when renovating a house? (Ok, I knew, but I just don’t really think about those things!)

Because of that, my fiance is the one in charge of letting me know what order we’re doing things, and I’m in charge of design and demo.


Tearing up carpet


The first thing we did once we were all moved in was rip up some carpet. I was crossing my fingers for some beautiful, original hardwood floors! We found hardwood floors alright. But they had been painted over, damaged, warped, and really just not useable.

Then my husband decided that the staircase was the first thing to get a makeover. Something about that determining the rest of the layout for the upstairs and downstairs?

And boy did it need to be changed.


Staircase Renovation


It was an “L” shaped staircase enclosed entirely by walls with a door at the end. There was nothing open about it, no flow, and it just was not pretty to look at.

So, within the first few weeks of living in our house, I finally got the green light to start demo! This was the moment I’d been waiting months for. After watching so many episodes that made renovation look like a blast I was finally getting to do it myself.


Staircase Renovation

Let me tell you: it is just about as fun as it looks on TV.


Something about being allowed to destroy things is exhilarating and I think from now on he knows that all he has to do is point me at a wall and I’ll take care of it.




What was all fun and games for me though was a nightmare for my husband. As we tore the house apart he started to see problems everywhere. The wiring was a mess, the structure was poorly supported, plaster and slat hiding under drywall and there were 2 layers of ceiling. Seriously? Who does that.



The pros? I get higher ceilings (yayyy more room for crown moulding!) The cons? We added to our to do list and expense list with all of those structural fixes. Ouch. That part is definitely just like the shows.


Staircase Renovation


Once we finished with all of those structural fixes, we finally got our new stairs in place with the help of my in-laws. For now, though, they’ll stay in this rough form while we focus on other parts of the house. At least they’re functional and I can slowly start seeing our dream take shape!

Three months into living in a construction zone and some days it drives me batty (like the time I had a jagged piece of wood jab into my heel late at night on the stairs. Ow!) but I can’t wait to see the final product.


Staircase Renovation


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Staircase Renovation: Part 1

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