5 Tips to Save Energy While On Vacation


There are two types of people in the world:
  1. Those who turn off the lights when they leave a room
  2. Those who don’t


Luckily, my husband and I are both the first one. Otherwise there would be a lot more arguments in our house.

However we also know there is more that we could be doing to save energy around the house. From buying and installing energy efficient, to unplugging things when we aren’t using them.

This month’s Waste-less post is all about saving energy while on vacation. Every time a vacation comes around all of those energy saving ideas come to the front of my mind. Suddenly I’m very energy conscious, unplugging everything I can find!


 Save Energy While On Vacation


Here are 5 of our favorite tips to save energy while on vacation:


  • Adjust the thermostat. If it’s winter lower it as low as you feel comfortable going, if summer, as high as you feel comfortable going. You don’t want to come home to a sauna or your pipes to freeze, but you can layer up or down for a little while your house gets back to normal.
  • Unplug EVERYTHING. Ok, you don’t have to unplug everything, but do you know that many devices still drain energy even when they’re turned off? Make a round of the house and unplug those before you head out the door. Here is a quick list:
    • Coffee makers
    • Digital TV converters
    • Cell phones, and other mobile devices and their chargers
    • Video game consoles
    • Satellite/cable boxes
    • VCR, DVR, and DVD players
    • Devices with a standby clock or light
    • Devices that turn on with remotes
  • Turn off your water heater (or put it on low if it’s winter) at the breaker. There’s no point keeping that water warm for weeks while your’e away from home! Just make sure to run your hot water faucet before turning it back on to make sure it’s filled with water.
  • Close the curtains on your windows. Help keep that warm or cold air inside your house.
  • Warm up your fridge and freezer. If your fridge has easily adjustable settings, you can bump the temperatures up a bit, but don’t go above 38 in the fridge and 5 in the freezer! Also I know we all like to empty the fridge before we go on vacation, but keeping it full actually helps save energy. So if you have soda or water bottles sitting out pack them in and fill it up!


Save Energy While On Vacation


When you get back from vacation, the savings don’t have to stop! Plug all of your tv related devices into one power strip and turn it off at night, put energy saving curtains on your windows, keep that fridge stocked, and maybe layer up more in the winter.

But even if you only save energy while on vacation, you’re still making a difference because remember:


Every bit counts.



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5 Tips to Save Energy While On Vacation

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