How to Save $100’s on a Decorative Window

How we saved $100's on a decorative window and you can too!


I love decorative windows. When we were house hunting, every house that had one would get added to our “Must See” list. They have such amazing character and I love the intrigue they add to a space.

Sadly, the house we bought didn’t have any.

Decorative windowWhen we needed to buy new windows for our bathtub surround I thought that was my chance! So I started shopping. That’s when I realized just how expensive these windows are! Windows like the one above start at $300 and go up from there.

As much as I love them, I am also cheap.

We have so many expenses with this remodel, and $300+ for a decorative window just doesn’t really make the list of priorities.

Our Decorative Window

But then, on one of our many trips to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore we found this gem.  The price tag?




That’s right, 1/10th of the price. I just HAD to have it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but I knew we’d figure it out.

So why is it so cheap? It’s actually the insert to a door! You can see a similar one below that we found at Menards. It works great too, since it’s already designed to be used as an external window.



Finding a door like that used is much easier than finding a standard decorative window. I even like the design better! The door doesn’t have to be in good shape, and if you find the window on its own most people think it’s useless so it might be cheap.

They even come in oval if you had your heart set on that.

How We Installed It



These windows do take a little more work to be ready for installation, after all it’s not designed to go into a wall. See the edges? That’s where the body of the door would be to hold the window in place.

Luckily, with about $10 worth of supplies were ready to make it work. My man measured the gap and cut a piece of a 2×4 to fit into it. Then he screwed them together and caulked all of the joints to seal it, making a sort of wooden frame.

Then we put the window in the hole we had prepared for it and he screwed the wood frame into the house’s framing. He used low expansion spray foam to fill the gaps, but that would be needed even with the $300 window. When the weather gets better, we’ll add weather stripping around to protect the exposed wood frame for the last step, add some trim and we’ll be done!


Decorative Window


It’s going to be such a beautiful feature for our bathroom and our home. I love it even more because of how much we saved on it!


If you could add a decorative window to any room, what would it be?


How we saved $100's on installing a decorative window and you can too!



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How to Save $100’s on a Decorative Window

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