Master Bedroom Renovation: Part 1

Master Bedroom


Originally we didn’t plan to do much to our master bedroom. Paint, trim, carpet, the renovation basics.



Then we started to dive into planning out the master suite. As hard as we tried, we could not fit everything we wanted into the space that we had! We brainstormed, asked for family’s help and more but no luck. So we decided to do something drastic.


Master Bedroom


We took 3 feet out of our master bedroom to give over to our master suite.


My master handyman put that up in 2 days. While it is a bit smaller now, the bedroom will really only be used for sleeping so it doesn’t need a lot of room! It fits a king sized bed and frame, 2 bed stands and has plenty of space to walk around it.



This was the first time we were really building something since the stairs, and it was nice to see something be created instead of torn down. In 2 days no less! Then we added a light switch, hung a curtain in the doorway and waited while I searched for the perfect door.

And searched and searched.


Master Bedroom


It took a while but I found it! Habitat for Humanity’s Restore has been one of my favorite stores through this remodel. The store is filled with used furniture, building materials and more. It is a remodeler’s dream!

Every time I go I find some hidden jewel. I’ve bought windows, 3 chandeliers (so far!), other light fixtures, our future downstairs vanity (pictured above) and more. Naturally it’s also where I found our door.


Master Bedroom


It’s old, solid wood, and has these beautiful hand carved accents. It fits in perfectly with the design I had in mind. The next step was hardware for it. After looking at our local stores and seeing how expensive barn door hardware was ($170?!) we found ours online for less than $50!

It’s not quite the same as the expensive ones in stores, but it is beautiful and functional and we love it.



Eventually we’ll mud and tape the walls, paint, and add trim, but for now it’s progress and we have other more important things to focus on. Now, to work more on that master suite!

If you’d like to see where we started, head over to our house tour at Home Sweet Home: A Farmhouse Renovation or check out what we did next at Master Bathroom Renovation: Part 1.


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Master Bedroom Renovation: Part 1

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