I Choose You: a quick and easy Poke-party!



A couple weeks ago my friend talked to me about helping him throw a birthday party for his son Alex. He’s a single dad with three wonderful boys and I wanted to help make this one of the awesomest birthday parties ever. Alex and his brothers are currently obsessed with all things Pokemon, it’s what they’re dressing up as for Halloween and so naturally that was the theme he picked for the party. However, since I wasn’t the one throwing it or in charge, my contributions are a lot more limited than what I would usually do, so I chipped in some ideas and some designs that I’ll share here.




You all know how important invitations are to me, and the birthday boy quite specifically requested poke ball invitations. If I had more time and money I would have loved to figure out how to do actual pokeballs (how cool would that be?) but instead I put together a pretty awesome design for much less time and money. There are two ways of doing this invitation: the simple way and the complicated way and I included the download files for both. The simple way is printing out the front and the back on one piece of cardstock. I left some room for you to fill in details such as date, time and location, but if you don’t feel its enough you can always just leave the back blank and create your own backing. The complicated way involves printing out the front, then printing half of the message on the inside of the first piece of paper, and then printing out one more sheet of paper with the rest of the message. After you cut out the circles you can glue the top halves together so that when you’re finished the invitation will open to reveal the whole message like in the photo below. I’d test it out on a cheaper piece of paper first, to make sure you can get your printer lined up so it prints on the correct side. I also left room in this design to add your own details, but if you need more room feel free to print on the back of the second sheet of paper as well. I think they’ll go over pretty well, I’m not sure I know many children or adults who wouldn’t love getting a pokeball as an invitation!




I didn’t want to go too over the top with these, mostly because I didn’t really know the space I was working with, but I wanted to do something pokemon related for the birthday boy to help spice up the space and add to the theme. We always had a banner proclaiming “Happy Birthday” when I was a kid, and my mom would put it up every birthday and it always succeeded in making my feel special, and I wanted Alex to feel the same. I stuck with a more classic pennant shape for this banner, using grass on the bottom to bring some color to it but also because walking through the grass to find wild pokemon is something all pokemon fans are familiar with. I added the poke ball symbol from the new hats in light blue in the background and a red border just to make sure it pops.  You can download the designs for the letters here: H-A P-P Y-B I-R T-D Y-! (If you print out the H-A sheet twice you’ll have enough letters for “Happy Birthday!”). You can also print out some blank ones here if you want to make some for your child’s name or do any other custom ones. I printed it out on white card stock, two letters to a piece of paper, and then cut those out into triangles, punched holes in the corners and strung them together with some ribbon. You could print any of these projects on regular paper, but if you’re going to use heavier paper on any of these projects, use it on this one. The ribbon through the holes you punch is going to raise the chance of ripping through and it’ll help if the paper is heavier.



I can’t take all the credit for the food ideas, Alex’s dad is a culinary student and had some amazing ideas, and together we came up with a pretty awesome menu. For the food labels I went along the same lines as the banner design, repeating the grass and the pokemon symbol, and using a pokemon font to tie it all together. You can get the blanks here and the food labels we used here. Some of the dishes we had were Charizard Fireballs, Berries fruit plate, Venusaur veggies, Onix Meatball Skewers and Dugtrio sausages along with a pokemon stadium cake.

Alex absolutely loved his party and everyone seemed to have a great time!

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I Choose You: a quick and easy Poke-party!
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