Orlando USO Review

Orlando USO Review: What to expect on your visit


My husband is a disabled veteran.

It has it’s own share of difficulties, especially with our lifestyle. Luckily there are certain things set in place to help us and other retired and active duty service members when out traveling. The USO’s at major airports are one of those things that we have found very handy.

All USO’s are not made equally. I’ve made it my goal to check out and review as many USO’s as I can. This way, other military and retired military families can know whether it’s worth tracking down.



The Orlando USO


Orlando USO Review: What to expect on your visit


Recently, we were in Orlando for Disney World and got to check out their airport’s USO. Once our bags were checked and we were ready, we headed over to take a look.

It’s located on the ground transportation level on the A-Side of the Terminal. A little out of the way, but worth the detour. They’re open from 6 am until 10 pm.

It was stunning!

While this was the first I had been to, my husband has been to many. He was really impressed at everything they had to offer.



Their Facilities


Orlando USO Kids Area: What to expect on your visit


Besides the standard USO amenities, it had a wonderful play area set up for children. There were TV’s bean bag chairs and comfy seating for nursing moms. The decorating was very fun and whimsical and it was a great place for our toddler to run around and play for a little while.


Orlando USO Gaming Area: What to expect on your visit


For the older children (or children at heart) they had a Despicable Me gaming area. They had really cool themed gaming chairs, consoles and a selection of games. I know my husband would have loved to hang out there for a couple of hours!


Orlando USO Dining Area: What to expect on your visit


The best section to me though, was their dining area. It was massive, with a large island for seating, fridges, microwaves, coffee makers and toasters. They also had large coolers filled with snacks, drinks and microwavable meals. Airport food can get so expensive, it’s really wonderful to have a place to grab a bite to eat or drink for free. They had a lot of child friendly and healthy options as well.


Orlando USO Food Selection: What to expect on your visit


Then there are the standard, more “boring” areas: a place for adults to sit and watch tv and computers for getting work done or checking in with family. They also have lockers for your bags and a quiet room to get away from the noise.


Final Thoughts


Orlando USO Connection Area: What to expect on your visit


I really loved it, and even though our son was too little to appreciate it, they had something for kids of all ages. It was so spacious and there were little touches of Disney Magic and Florida everywhere. They really made a point of emulating Disney’s over the top theming style.

If you’re flying in or out of that airport, I’d highly recommend stopping by. It’s a great place for your family to relax and unwind while you wait for a plane or a cab!

If you’re curious about USOs in other areas, here’s a great comprehensive site with all of the locations and their hours.


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Orlando USO Review: What to expect on your visit



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Orlando USO Review

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