5 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the special mom in your life


It might seem a ways off, but Mother’s Day is around the corner. Sometimes it can be hard to shop for, so here are a few things I’d love to get (all under $30)! Share them on Facebook to give your man a hint, or treat yourself to your favorite. You deserve it.

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For Her Go-Go Juice

I’m not a coffee lady, but a nice hot cuppa tea and a good book is definitely my idea of a good morning. While normally “World’s Best Mom” kind of mugs aren’t my thing, this one pulls it off in a beautiful way that would make me feel like a million bucks in the morning. For you that might be the coffee’s job, but this mug is a beautiful delivery system. (I’m also partial to my Harry Potter mug you can find here.)



To Pamper Her

The other night we were having a terrible day with my toddler. He was having a meltdown, we were having a bit of a power struggle and by the time I finally got him down to bed I was wiped. I came downstairs to see that my man had drawn me a bath and popped a bath bomb in it. The gesture was sweet and the aroma was amazing, I felt like I was in a spa.

As an added bonus, a fellow Mom makes these, you can take a look at her shop here. So you can support work at home moms and pamper yourself or your lady!



To Help Her Relax

Some days we need a little more than a hot bath though. Sometimes I just need to pop that cork and have a little something so that I can relax enough to get back to the mom grind the next day. This wine glass made me laugh and you’re less likely to completely ruin your carpet or couch when your kids or pets inevitably knock it over. Not that it’s ever happened to me….

To Celebrate Her Journey



Breastfeeding was a hard but rewarding journey for us. To celebrate reaching the milestones we did I want to have a Mother’s Milk pendant made. They’re made using a sample of your own breastmilk to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be unique to you.

My favorite shop is Made With Love Keepsakes. It’s run by a fellow Mom who keeps her prices low because she believes that these keepsakes should be affordable for everyone. That’s a business plan I can get behind!



To Show The World

I don’t know what it is about the whole “Mama bear” idea, but I love it, and I love this shirt. I’ve been trying to get away from graphic tees but I would feel pretty cool mom in this shirt, a messy mom bun and yoga pants with a Starbucks cup in hand. This shirt is a very close second.



Have a Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

You deserve it!


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5 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

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