Mail Time: Wrap Up


See this pile?

Every time I drive by our mailbox and pick up our mail, I toss the junk mail on the passengers side floor. Every couple of weeks I get around to cleaning it out.


This pile is what I’ve gathered together after one of those cleaning sessions.

(Sorry to everyone who’s driven with me between cleanings. I truly am)


Not the greatest method, I know, but it gives me a pretty good idea of what 2-4 weeks of junk mail looks like for us. That much mail I never evens gets a second glance. It goes straight into our recycle bin or burn pile. It’s a mess of companies wasting money and trees trying to sell us stuff we don’t need or get us back after we left.

Maybe your pile is on your kitchen counter or in a cute organized mail area that I’m very jealous of. Maybe your mail just goes directly into your recycling bin and you’re not even sure of how much junk is actually coming in.

Regardless of where we store it, I think we can all agree on one thing:


It should never even show up in the first place!


With 15 minutes worth of phone calls to some companies, I was able to make sure that around 90% of that pile stops showing up to my house, and I bet you could too.


Here’s what was leftover after those calls. And most of that was what I’d picked up from the mailbox today and was actually semi-important! I’m hoping that once those online forms that I shared earlier in the month kick in, that will take care of the rest of that 10%.


Can you imagine, going out to the mailbox and only receiving the mail that you ACTUALLY want?


I can.

Or at least, that’s the goal I worked towards this month.

It’ll save me time, save trees, and save the passenger side of my car.

What did you do about your mail situation this month? Did you make any realizations? Did you decide to make a super cute mail center that you want to send me the instructions for? *hint hint*


Seriously. I love organized mail centers.
I need one in my life.


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Mail Time: Wrap Up

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