It’s Laundry Day!

Summer is practically here!

If you live somewhere other than Wisconsin, it might feel like it’s been here for a while. As for us? We’re just starting to get regular warm days. Crops are going in the ground, the birds are chirping and laundry is on the line.

I have been dying to be able to put in a clothesline since we bought this house, and now it’s the perfect excuse to get one!

Did you know that apparently dryers are the #2 energy sucking appliance in your house?

Yeah. Me neither.

But even if you don’t want to put in the extra work of putting laundry out on the line, there are still ways to help make your laundry days more energy efficient.



Time For A Tune Up!




Just like your car, most appliances need a tune up every once in a while. For your washer and dryer it’s good to make it a yearly event. Washers build up gunk like mildew, hard minerals and detergent, and it can even start to make it smell afterwards! Dryers build up lint which not only lowers its ability to dry your clothes, but can be a hazard as well.

For your washer: You’ll need some vinegar and baking soda. Trouble is that top loading and front loading have slightly different requirements for cleaning. You can read more directions here.

For your dryer: This one is a bit more complicated and some people choose to hire it out. However if you pick up a few tools you can do it yourself! Directions for that one are here.

Once you have all of that taken care of…



Make Them Work For You


Eco-friendly laundry


The less often you have to wear your clothes, the longer they’ll last. The more clothes you wash and dry in each load, the less water and energy you use. All of this leads up to: doing laundry less often! Yay!

However, there are a few more things you can do to make your laundry more energy efficient.

We use these wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets for a few reasons.

  • I don’t have to remember to buy them at the store
  • They don’t add extra chemicals and we can’t use them with our cloth diapers anyways.
  • Your clothes need less time in the dryer with them!

Plus, it’s one less thing to find in random parts of your house and have to throw out. They’re definitely worth the investment.




Bonus For All The Parents Out There


Eco-friendly laundry

I’ve talked a bit about it here, but we cloth diaper.

Now, I realize that is not feasible for everyone. Whether due to time or just the yuck factor.

However, Disposable diapers take a LONG time to break down and are terrible for the environment. Because of that, I think everyone should try to work it in somehow, even if it’s just a little.

Working a couple of cloth diapers into your day can cut down on the amount of waste, and one diaper can cost less than a pack of disposables, but last much longer. Plus, they come in some really fun designs and you can sell them when you’re done! (if that doesn’t gross you out too much)

They do require some extra laundering, but nowadays they make them really easy to deal with. They make sprayers that attach to your toilet for easy cleaning, or liners to make it even easier! If you haven’t looked into the options lately, check out our favorite brand!



So, this month on our to do list?

  • Set up a clothesline and start using it whenever we can
  • Use wool dryer balls
  • Wait for FULL loads
  • Tune up our machines



If you can’t work all of these into your month, what about one? Every little bit matters!


This is one post in a series on our family’s journey to waste-less.

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It’s Laundry Day!

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  • June 5, 2017 at 1:07 am

    I find that using liquid softener is essential to having clothes come off the line without feeling stiff.


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