5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2017

Father's Day Gift Ideas


While some people would argue that we should celebrate the fathers in our lives all the time, I love that Father’s Day gives us one day a year to really focus on my husband and the amazing father he is. The frustrating part, though, is that he is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for! Most things he wants he buys for himself, and anytime I ask him what he wants he can’t give me a straight answer.

My dad is the same way, anything Disney or Sailboat themed is usually a good guess but he is overflowing with those sorts of things now!

So, to help all of my readers avoid those situations, I worked together with my husband to come up with 5 Father’s Day gift ideas!




I tried my best to keep these options under $25, but some of them could be added together to make a fun Father’s Day Gift Basket!



Dad & Baby Shirts


Father's Day Gift Ideas 2017


The only item on our list over $25, I know father’s day shirts can be a bit… cliche? But my husband really loves these ones! They were a baby shower gift from a friend, and I just love how the two of them look in it. Now that our son has outgrown the baby version, my husband still wears his because luckily it makes a good stand alone shirt too. They’d be perfect for any father who loves gaming!


Magnetic Cuff


Father's Day Gift Ideas 2017


I got these for my husband and father-in-law 2 Christmases ago as stocking stuffers, but they’d make great Father’s Day presents too! Sometimes my husband forgets where he put his and then he has to call me over to hand him the screws. Sitting there waiting to hand him a screw makes me feel pretty useless, so I’m always happy when he remembers where it is so he can do it on his own!

(My husband would like to point out that the man in the picture is wearing it on the wrong wrist)


Power Bank


Father's Day Gift Ideas 2017


If your husband is anything like mine, he loves his electronics. Phone, Tablets, you name it and he likes to have it with him as much as he can. The problem is that when we’re on vacation we can’t always charge them up! That’s why we have about a have dozen power banks scattered around our home, ready for our next adventure. This one is solar, dustproof, waterproof and shockproof, so if you’re out hiking the Inca trail, or camping in the woods, you can still charge your phone over and over again. It also has a flashlight feature!


Mechanic’s Lamp

Father's Day Gift Ideas


It says Mechanic’s Lamp, but really these are handy in plenty of situations. My husband uses his on the renovation, out around the farm, and they even pack up nicely for camping or going on vacation! This isn’t the same one that we have, but when he saw it he wished he had it instead.



When All Else Fails, Go With Snacks!


Father's Day Gift Ideas 2017


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and my man is no exception. Fun and quirky snacks are one of my favorite things to get him for all holidays, and jerky is his all time favorite snacks. We love to try new and exotic things on our travels, and I think he would love these exotic jerky strips!



There you have it, our 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2017. Hopefully this gave you a some inspiration, or at least some place to start! Good luck shopping and have a Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there!





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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2017

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