Keep Track of Your Eggs With This Free Egg Counting Printable

A free Egg Counting Printable to keep of your ladies' production


While eggs aren’t everything in raising chickens, they are an important part of it. They help you keep an eye on the health of your birds: a drop in eggs could mean something is wrong with your birds! It could also help you keep track of how old the eggs you have are, how many you can sell, or many other things.


That’s why I put together a fun egg counting printable!


One of the indicators that our birds weren’t feeling well was when they stopped laying eggs completely. Now the rising numbers help me know that their medicine is working and help me figure out how many hens we need to add to our flock.

Keeping track of your eggs can help you know:

  • How old your eggs are
  • Whether to add to your flock
  • If you have to look for a hidden nest
  • Whether something might be wrong with your birds
  • Who’s laying and who isn’t anymore.

Normally I keep track of my eggs in my gardening journal, but with planting time coming around I’m going to need that space for other things. Plus, it’s not exactly convenient or very pretty.


An egg tracker for counting your eggs


But with this? I can put it in a nice frame, set it up by my egg basket indoors and keep track with a dry erase marker.

The printable keeps track of up to 4 months at a time, or 4 different types of eggs. It’ll look perfect on the counter in your kitchen or hung up on the wall in your mudroom!

So print it out your new egg counting printable, slip it in a frame and you’re ready to go!


I’d also love to see your egg collection area when you’re done. Ours needs a little love and I need the inspiration!




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Keep Track of Your Eggs With This Free Egg Counting Printable

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