Disney’s Memory Maker: Is it worth it?

Disney's Memory Maker: Is it worth it?

Disney’s Memory Maker is one of their newest additions to the Disney experience. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a new way to have access to your family’s Disney photos. Now, instead of having to wait in the check out line, pick out your favorite and pay per photo, you pay one lump amount and get as many pictures as you want!



Disney’s Memory Makers Fun Features:


Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Tree of Life


  • You can download your photos straight to your computer, and then upload them to Facebook, send them to friends and family, or get them printed out.
  • It applies to all of the members of your party, so even if your group splits up your photos are still accessible.
  • With the older rides and photo opportunities you have to scan your magicband at one of the stations after the ride. In the newer rides, though, it somehow scans it while you’re waiting in line. Then your photos are automatically adds it to your account!
  • For some of the rides, video is included as well as static photos, which adds some extra magic to your experience.
  • The photographers have the opportunity to give you “Magic Shots” where they use a little fairy dust to add a Disney character into your photo! I thought they’d be pretty cheesy, but they were my favorite part. Take a look at our family with Mike Wazowski below!
  • If you order Disney’s Memory Maker it also comes with some stock images of the parks like the one above. These are a great accent for scrapbooking or collages, the images are stunning.



With all of those wonderful features you might think it’s an easy choice! But, the biggest question about Disney’s Memory maker is…

Is it worth it for us?


Family Photo in Hollywood Studios with Mike Wazowski


If you order ahead of time, the Memory Maker package is $149. When you’re already spending hundreds on tickets, hotels and food it can be hard to decide whether to fit that into your budget.

Are you going for one day? It probably isn’t worth it, but for our 4 days I think it definitely was. It’s good for as much as 30 days too, so if your trip is broken up over multiple segments there aren’t any worries there.

If you don’t want any ride photos, you can always hand the photographer your camera. However, then you might want to bring along a nicer camera and you still miss out on the fun magic shots and other extras. It was so much nicer to just be able to hop in a line, pose and scan a wristband.

Also, how big is your group? If you all fit into one ride picture on something like Everest, then it’s not as big of a deal, you can just buy the one to remember your trip. With our group, sometimes we were spread across 2 or 3 different pictures on one ride.

If you have multiple families going you can also split the cost and then it becomes even more worth while.


Disney Recipe Card
Because we went during the Food and Wine festival we got recipe cards in our extras too!

The Best Part?

My favorite part though was I got to be in every picture! I’m normally the photographer, so on many family vacations I don’t make it in many photos. This way I got to ditch that responsibility and really just focus on having fun.

In the end, only you can decide if it’s worth it for you, but I think everyone in our group really enjoyed and appreciated having it. I would highly suggest it, especially if you want to juggle one less thing on your Disney trip!


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Disney’s Memory Maker: Is it worth it?

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