Composting Wrap Up



How did your month of turning kitchen scraps into gardening gold go? If you missed that post, head back and check it out now!


I had two struggles this month.

The first?

I was not as good about taking the compost in our house outside often enough.


Luckily our indoor composting bin┬áhad a filter that helped cover that up, so I didn’t have to worry about a smell! Seriously, if you’re getting an indoor one make sure it has a filter!

Just like the recycling month, we had some food going in the trash instead of the composter. Luckily he seemed to catch on faster with this one! I think the label helped.

My second struggle this month was that I kinda stink at keeping the ratios in our composter.

Stink being the key word there. Properly balanced compost shouldn’t really smell too badly, but mine?

Yeah. It reeks.


I packed it full of food scraps and forgot that I need to balance that out with some good carbon rich compost. With this one, I was happy to have the tumbling composter so I didn’t have to deal with the smell or having to turn it.

Every time I walked by that composter this month I made sure to give it a few spins. When I realized my mistake with the ratio I packed some gardening scraps in with it but I think I need to add more.

If you’re running into that issue, simply shredding up some paper or ripping up some cardboard should help fix that!


Final Thoughts

I’m not sure that composting is for me, but I do know I need that compost for my garden so I’m going to keep pushing through! Hopefully one of these days I’ll get the hang of it.

How did your guys composting month go? If you still haven’t built or gotten a composter yet, take a look at our Tumbling Composter Tutorial and get started!



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Composting Wrap Up

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