The #1 Place in Oahu for Cheap Hawaiian Souvenirs

cheap hawaiian souvenirs


Every time I go on vacation I try to keep my eyes out for souvenirs for friends and family. The problem is that when you’re working off a tight budget, it can be hard to afford to get them something from your travels that’s worth while!

On our recent trip to Hawaii we were worried about that, after all things are usually more expensive in Hawaii than on the mainland. Luckily, the friend we were visiting introduced us to the best place to find cheap Hawaiian souvenirs!



Aloha Stadium Swap Meet



In Honolulu, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings Honolulu has Hawaii’s biggest swap meet!

Hundreds of stalls ring their Aloha Stadium selling all sorts of souvenirs, clothing, snacks, jewelry and more. They have artistans carving custom wooden surfboards and statues for people, locally made Hawaiian baked goods, and all of the other fun stuff you typically find at a swap meet.



The best part? While it’s $1 per person to get in, you can’t beat these prices!

The flower clips that you can buy at other stores for your hair for $3-5 are here for $1 a piece. Almost everything else in there is 25% or more off what you’ll find outside of the swap meet. I bought two full sized sarongs for $12 there!

It’s also just a great place to go for a walk, making the rounds of the stadium, seeing the tourists, and more. All of this, and it sits only about 20 minutes from Waikiki.



A few tips if you decide to go:


cheap hawaiian souvenirs
See these prices? Cant beat them!


  • A lot of the shops sell the same sorts of things. If you see something you like but the price isn’t right keep going, there might be someone selling it a bit cheaper further on.
  • Except for the clothing. Those prices are pretty much the same from shop to shop. It might vary a little, but if you find something you like don’t worry about finding it cheaper somewhere else!
  • Having a bag of fresh local fruit (with li hing powder of course) as you walk around is a great snack. Our favorite fruit stand there is Lin’s Market! It’s huge, with a wide selection and Lin is a very contagiously happy guy. They also have extra snacks there and he sells large bags of li hing powder at a great price.
  • Wear or bring lots of sunscreen, a stroller if you have little ones, and water. There is no shade there and it gets very hot!




One of our favorite finds there are these hydro flask water bottles. They’re double walled, and we were impressed at how long they were able to keep water cool! We’d fill them with ice and water for a trip to the beach, and when we would get done snorkeling or hiking there’d still be ice clinking around in them. VERY impressive. They have an official stand there, but the knock offs are just as good (and a better price).

You won’t be disappointed if you go there looking for cheap Hawaiian souvenirs for your loved ones. You’ll probably end up buying way too much (like we did) and needing an extra suitcase for them!


Luckily they sell those there too


What would your favorite souvenir from Hawaii be?



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The #1 Place in Oahu for Cheap Hawaiian Souvenirs

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