Our Biggest Project Yet

In case you all can’t tell, we love projects. Not only do we enjoy crafts and other artsy things, we seem to attract projects in all areas of our life:

Our dog was abused before we got her and it’s been a project to get her to warm up to people again.

One of our cats is disabled and between the vets visits and things we’ve had to do to accommodate him he’s made our project list.

We consider ourselves a work in progress too.


It only makes sense that when we finally bought our first house we picked a MAJOR project. I’m talking carpets from the 60’s, layers upon layers of previous lazy renovations, a leaky basement, crumbling barn, overgrown fields, you get the idea. But just like every other thing in our life, this place has massive amounts of potential and a good foundation.

As much as I’d like my life to be one party after another, or constantly setting out on a new adventure, we’ve got to put those on hold for a while as we try to tackle this project. I hope you won’t mind us going too far off the party planning topic as I share our plans, inspirations, struggles and successes in this new endeavor.

We’re breaking out the sledgehammer and tearing down walls, are you ready to see what we can do with this place?

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Our Biggest Project Yet

One thought on “Our Biggest Project Yet

  • December 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    That sounds so fun my husband is very handy he knows concrete, siding, windows , carpeting, foundation and walls could build a house from ground up we will love to get a house like that I think the fixing up project would be lots of fun! Congrats on the new house and I hope everything goes nicely for u and your family in the process!


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