Barn Tour: Before

Our barn at sunrise

One of the biggest draws to our home, besides the price and location, was the beautiful massive barn.

The interior filled with hay

The History

It used to be a milking barn, and as far as we can guess was built around 1900. Our property used to be a part of a massive milking operation, but at some point it was split up into lots and sold. One turned into a church, one turned into a John Deere store, and one kept the barn and the farmhouse. Time has not been kind to our barn: the walls are missing boards, floor boards are rotting and there are holes in the roof. However, compared to other barns we’d seen, it was actually in good shape, and it has character by the bucketfuls.

The ground floor with the milking areas

The Future

Some day we hope to return the barn to it’s former glory, staying as original as possible. Not to be used as a milking barn though, we haven’t figured out exactly what we’ll use it for. Storing equipment and animals? Weddings? Our own personal movie theater? I have no idea yet. For now, looking out the window at that massive beauty fills me with joy.

Some horse stalls

Obviously, this renovation represents a massive financial burden, so it’s mostly put on the back burner. We get to enjoy exploring all of the rooms and discovering hidden treasures. Things like old barn boards, barrels, an antique fridge, trampoline parts and an animal’s spine (ok that’s a little more gross).

Silo interior
Oh, and 2 silos.

It’s also home to many various wild animals, including mice, pigeons, some sort of burrowing predator and occasionally a falcon! Those will become a problem eventually, but nothing we won’t be able to manage. I can already see how eye catching it will be once we’re finished with it. It’s beautiful now and it’s only going to get better. Recently we converted one of the rooms into a chicken coop and I’m so excited to share that progress with you soon!

Our barn

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Barn Tour: Before

2 thoughts on “Barn Tour: Before

  • February 22, 2017 at 5:33 am

    Your barn is lovely and I’d love to take pictures of it! 🙂 Clicked over from the EBA group.

    • February 22, 2017 at 1:08 pm

      Thank you! It’s one of the big things that attracted us to this home 🙂 If you’re ever up this way and want to take pictures of it you’d be more than welcome!


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