Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Baby It's Cold Outside wall art


“Baby it’s cold outside” is one of my all time favorite winter songs.

I can’t help but sing and dance along when that chill hits the air.

Of course, in Wisconsin that sometimes happens as early as September. My husband tries to ban Christmas or Winter songs from our house until after Thanksgiving.

When he’s not home though? They get turned up on high when I get in that mood!


I’ve always wanted to have some of those lyrics on a piece of art in my house, but for the longest time couldn’t figure out just how to do it.

Then we discovered some old pallets on the side of the road and I got inspired! I handed them over to my husband who nailed together the perfect rustic canvas for me and I started designing.

Here is what I came up with:


Baby It's Cold Outside design

You can download the design HERE.

The Wall Art

When the canvas was done, I printed out the design and taped it down to the board. Then I started cutting with my xacto knife. It was not easy, if you have a cricut or silhouette that might be the best option. Sadly I did not have mine yet when I did this project.

(If you don’t have one yet and like to do a lot of projects I highly recommend it! I LOVE mine)

When everything was cut, I filled in the design with white paint. To finish it off, I sealed it with a clear coat of spray paint and then I was done!

If you don’t want to go through all of that work, it would also look beautiful printed out and put in a frame on your counter top.

The Pallet Board Canvas

If you want to build your own wooden canvas, it’s pretty easy: He took 3 pallet boards for the face and secured them together with a board on the top and bottom of the back. Then he added 2 eye-hooks to the top so that I can hang it up if I want and he was done!

If you’d like, you could stain it before you paint, but our boards already had a beautiful color. I didn’t want to lose that.


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Baby it’s Cold Outside!

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